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Hợp âm (Chords) - How did I fall in love with you BSB

Intro: C D Em - C D G

Remem(G)-ber when (C), we never needed (D) each other (G)
The best (G) of friends (C) like sister (D) and brother (Em)
We under(Em) - stood (Bm)
We'd never be (C) alone (D)

Those days (G) are gone (C), now I want (D) you so much (G)
The night (G) is long (C) and I need (D) your touch (Em)
Don't (Em) know what to say (Em)
Never meant (Bm) to feel this way (Bm)
Don't want (C) to be (C) 
Alone (D) tonight (D)

What (G) can I do (C), to make (D) you mine (Em)
Falling (Em) so hard (C) so fast (D) this time (G)
What (G) did I say (C), what did (D) you do (Em)?
How (Em) did I fall (C) in love (D) with you (Em)?

I hear (G) your voice (C) and I start (D) to tremble (G)
Brings back (G) the child (C) that I re(D)-semble (Em) 
I cannot (Em) pretend (Em) that we can (Bm) still be friends (Bm)

Don't want (C) to be (C) 
Alone (D) tonight (D)

Repeat chorus 2 times.

(G)Oh I want to say this right
(C)And it has to be tonight
(Bm)Just need you to know, oh yeah
(Em)I don't want to live this life

(G)I don't want to say goodbye
(C)With you I wanna spend
(D)The rest of my life

Repeat chorus (with capo fret 2#)

Chords by HGN MUSIC

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